5 Tips to Give Your Clients a Perfect Manicure

Beauty therapist giving a client a manicure

When it comes to making a client feel well-groomed, relaxed, and pampered, nothing beats a manicure. But all manicures are not equal. How do you give your clients a perfect manicure and keep them coming back? Here are my top tips.

Use the Right Filing Technique

When you’re filing a client’s nails, follow these tips for a perfect result:

  • Follow the natural shape of the nails to keep them strong and prevent breakage;
  • Don’t file back and forth because this can damage the nail. File from the outer corners and work towards the middle.
  • Use the right nail file. If your client has acrylics, use a course grit file. For natural nails, use  an ultra-fine grit file.

Take Care With Cuticles

If you usually trim a client’s cuticles, decide whether you really need to. The cuticle acts as a barrier to infection and trimming the cuticles can allow bacteria to get in. Instead, apply a cuticle remover and gently push the cuticles back.

Add A Little Bit Of Luxury

Want to give your clients a perfect manicure? Add a little bit of luxury to their treatment with heated mitts, exfoliation, or paraffin wax. These are the perfect add-ons to a manicure treatment-the upgrade means you can charge more and clients will love it so much they’ll come back.

Want to upgrade a gel polish manicure? Offer nail art as an extra.

Apply Polish Perfectly

Make sure the client’s nails are completely dry. If there are oils or moisture on the nail bed, the nail polish won’t adhere as well and the manicure won’t last as long. Start with a clear base coat then apply two thin layers of nail polish followed by a top coat. Remember to ‘seal’ the manicure by going over the edge of the nail tip with top coat. Thin layers are always better when it comes to polish, there’s less risk of chipping or smudging.

Keep Your Tools Clean

Never neglect hygiene when you’re giving manicure treatments. Tools should be soaked in Barbicide in between clients, your workspace should be kept spotlessly clean, and you should wash your hands often to prevent any nasty germs spreading.

Want To Learn How To Give Your Clients a Perfect Manicure?

Manicure is a great treatment to train in. It makes clients feel relaxed and pampered, and what’s more, it encourages repeat custom for you. Clients coming for standard manicures or gel polish manicures should come back every 4 weeks for a repeat treatment.

If you want to train in manicure and be the go-to person for clients who want beautiful, healthy nails, train with us. Take a look at our range of nail courses and see what you’d like to add to your services next.

For more information or to book a place on one of our courses, email me at


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