3 Reasons to Book 1:1 Beauty Training

If you got my last newsletter, you’ll have seen that I now go out to salons and treatment rooms to do 1:1 or 2:1 training. I know that this is a really good move, as lots of people I’ve spoken to said they prefer to train this way. So should you book beauty training on your premises? Here are 3 reasons to book 1:1 beauty training.

It Can Really Help Those Who Lack Confidence

I remember when I started my beauty training over 20 years ago, I really lacked confidence. There were some treatments I struggled with and things I just didn’t get. I often felt like I was falling behind and was afraid I’d look stupid in front of others. Luckily, I had a great tutor who took her time with me.

This is an important reason to book 1:1 beauty training. Without the added pressure of having to keep up with a big class, people who lack confidence, learn at a slower pace, or have specific needs can learn more easily.

You Can Get All The Attention You Need From Your Tutor

In all the time I’ve had the academy, I’ve run courses in small groups. My approach is not about getting ‘bums on seats’ but to give students the time and attention they need. In my experience, learners get far more out of 1:1 beauty training because I can give them detailed feedback that is individual to them.

1:1 Training is Better for Businesses

Often training providers won’t run a course for you if there are only a few people who need training. But what about if you have a small salon with just a couple of staff? No problem, just book 1:1 or 2:1 training with me.

Another great reason to book 1:1 beauty training is that it often works out cheaper. Because it’s on your premises, you won’t be paying for your staff to travel or stay somewhere and you won’t be paying any training venue costs.

Then there’s the added bonus of your staff being able to do their training in the actual setting where they’ll be working with clients. Priceless.

Want to Book 1:1 Beauty Training for Your Business?

I offer a great range of courses for you and your staff, from beauty courses to holistic treatments, and more. I provide 1:1 or 2:1 training on your premises, and there are discounts available if you train two or more of your staff.

Get in touch for more details, and I hope to be delivering training in your salon or treatment room in the new year!


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